Jihao Andreas Lin

M.Sc. graduate from TU Darmstadt,

looking for a PhD position, interested in

  • Bayesian Machine Learning
  • Function-Space Inference
  • Uncertainty Quantification

Function-Space Variational Inference
for Deep Bayesian Classification
J. A. Lin*, J. Watson*, P. Klink, J. Peters
Preprint, under review at ICLR 2022

Functional Variational Inference
in Bayesian Neural Networks
J. A. Lin, J, Watson, P. Klink, J. Peters
Master’s thesis, Technische Universität Darmstadt (2021)

Latent Derivative Bayesian Last Layer Networks
J. Watson*, J. A. Lin*, P. Klink, J. Pajarinen, J. Peters

Neural Linear Models with Functional Gaussian Process Priors
J. Watson*, J. A. Lin*, P. Klink, J. Peters
In AABI 2020

Liquid Segmentation in 3D CT Baggage Scans
J. A. Lin, F. Saeedan, S. Roth
Bachelor’s thesis, Technische Universität Darmstadt (2018)

Learning to Predict the 3D Layout of a Scene
J. A. Lin, J. Brünker, D. Fährmann
arXiv 2011.09977 (2018)